Monday, June 20, 2016



This is an original factory born Indian 101 Scout. Correct for 1931, this motorcycle has a frame number matching the engine number. This bike came to the seller from Southern California in the 1990’s.

Some engine tuning work was done and this 101 Scout was ridden for a while and found to be a good rider. The bike has a straight frame and all of the original sheet metal was present and usable. So it was restored in the owner’s shop… not a professional restoration. Randy Walker was the guide regarding authentic parts and look. The goal was to build a correct 1931 Indian 101 Scout that looked great and could be shown in regional events, as well as ridden. It now has a Linkert carburetor because the owner likes that better for riding. A rebuilt Schebler DLX79 carburetor from Walker Machine is available to go with the bike. The seat was relocated a few inches back to accommodate long legs and a larger drive sprocket to aid riding was also installed.
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