Sunday, January 10, 2016



One of Harley Davidsons's most famous racers. With the advance technology of a two cam, 4 valve per hemispherical cylinder head, this motorcycle set many track records of over 100mph. It is equipped with Schebler AMX alcohol barrel carburetor which can also use gasoline. In its day it was only built for factory race teams and never sold to the general public.
The Keystone frame and front fork are done with extreme diligence to detail to replicate the exact specifications as original. Only two original motors are known to exist in the world today. This one has been partially replicated by Fred Lange Restorations. All parts are interchangeable with original parts due to the detailed specs of replications.
Today this 8-valve motor has been raced successfully throughout the world with a wonderful reputation for both its quality and performance. This is a functional running motorcycle.
Located in California........1-805-937-4972
photo and text credit: © 2016 Hemmings

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